E.S.A.P Level Up Framework

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E + S + A = P 

The Framework is a 4-Week Level Up Package that includes four online meetings, one one-on-one coaching session and debrief, and automatic access and membership to the Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center. The Framework can be used for improving time management; reducing stress; aligning mind, body, and spirit; and avoiding burnout.

The Level Up Package teaches ways to improve your Production Capacity, the ability to produce quality results on an ongoing basis, and ways to reduce emotional, mental, and physical stress caused by self-imposed expectations and misplaced expectations of others.


Embark on a transformative learning experience with courses from Vibe Tribe University. VTU offers a broad spectrum of wisdom-packed resources that can be used as your gateway to unparalleled personal development and professional growth. Designed by Mindset Coach Kenny Brown, VTUs courses span a variety of fields, from Learning Emotional Intelligence, Improving Financial Literacy, Practicing Mindfulness, and overall self-improvement and personal branding. Our courses reveal the essence of Vibe Tribe’s commitment to teach, educate, inspire, connect, and empower every individual in their personal quest for knowledge.

Through our courses you will be introduced to a landscape brimming with potential for enlightenment, growth, and inner-transformation. Each course is available online and meticulously crafted to give you the most impactful and enriching learning experience. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your skills, or a curious explorer hungry for knowledge, our comprehensive courses will help you get your mind and vibe right while inviting you to delve into a world of learning like never before.

At Vibe Tribe University, learning is a continuous boundless journey. This core belief is embedded within each course. Enriched with wisdom and practical insights, our courses are a beacon, guiding you towards higher emotional ground and professional fulfillment. We warmly invite you to explore this enlightening path with us through today. Join us today!

Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center

Unveiling the Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center – a dynamic hub for knowledge exchange and collective growth. This vibrant center embodies the spirit of our Vibe Tribe community, offering a space for learners to connect, engage, and evolve. Seamlessly integrating with the myriad of courses available on the Vibe Tribe University and Kenny B Speaks platform, the Level Up Resource Center is an extension of our commitment to fostering a holistic learning experience for teenagers and adults of all backgrounds.

Discover the power of collective wisdom at the Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center. The center is a treasure trove of meticulously curated resources, designed to enrich your learning journey. Explore into captivating discussions, insightful articles, enlightening webinars, and mentor-guided workshops, each element of the Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center engineered to elevate your learning journey.