Leadership & Personal Development Coaching Program

Leadership and Personal Development Coaching Program Overview

The Leadership & Personal Development Coaching Program (“Program”) helps improve individual productivity, fulfillment, and focus by aligning spiritual beliefs and values with personal conduct and expectations. Our program is also designed to assist teams and small businesses groups with meeting individual growth and team performance goals. The Program is divided into four parts and includes four one-hour online meetings, one one-on-one coaching sessions, and automatic access and membership to the Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center and the Vibe Tribe Community. Our Program helps reduce anxiety, improve time management skills, reduce stress, align mind, body, and spirit, and avoid emotional burnout.

Kenny Brown, a professional mindset coach and social & emotional learning expert located in Atlanta, GA, is the lead instructor of the Leadership & Personal Development Coaching Program and Course. Throughout the course Kenny helps students explore the root cause of personal expectations, develop sustainable structure to meet each expectation, and provide an atmosphere to improve personal accountability that leads to accomplishing specific goals, meeting self-growth initiatives, and improving the quality of their mental, emotional, financial, and relational health & wellness.

What is the E.S.A.P Personal Development Program?

E.S.A.P stands for Expectations, Structure, Accountability, and Productivity. Our personal development program is designed to enhance personal productivity and help teams and small businesses achieve individual growth and team performance goals. Whether you struggle to maximize your efficiency or attain inner peace, our framework offers a method for developing reasonable expectations, logical structure, and enhanced accountability, which aids in achieving existing and future goals. Our program is broken down into four parts:

Program Benefits


Program & Curriculum Breakdown

  • Role of Expectations in Relationships, Career, and Health

  • Root Cause Analysis and Discussion to Identify the Source of Current Expectations
  • Set Productivity and Self-Improvement Goals
Introduction to Structure
  • Benefits and Examples of Structure
  • Importance of Self-Discipline
How to Develop an Independent Framework?
  • Set Goals – Create goals that correlate with the expectations identified during week one.
  • R.E.A.L – Realistic, Measurable, Actionable, and Lengthy/Term
  • Prioritize Goals – Determine the level of Importance
  • Multi-tasking and Production Capacity
  • Plan – Schedule time for activities based on the order of priority
  • Scheduling Methods

Personal Accountability and Tethering Mechanisms

  • Personal Accountability and Tethering Mechanisms
    • What does accountability mean to you?
    • Tethering Mechanisms – What are they, and why are they important?
    • How to Develop or Improve Personal Accountability

Individual Productivity: Measuring Progress
  • Why is it important to measure progress?
  • Techniques used to measure individual productivity and progress
  • Things to keep in mind going forward

How It Works

Course Length

4-6 Weeks

Program Duration

6 Months

Class Size

10 participants per class


4 hours per week


Virtual and In-Person Group Meetings and One-on-One Individual Coaching Sessions



Program Design Expert

Kenny Brown

Spiritual Mindset Coach, Social & Emotional Learning Instructor

President of Vibe Tribe University

Should I Join This Program?

Our E.S.A.P Framework Program is ideal for the following type of candidates between the ages of 23-55:

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Senior Executives and Performance Leaders
  • Current Student-Athletes and Retired Professional Athletes
  • Recent College Graduates and Experienced Professionals

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