E.S.A.P Level Up Framework

The E.S.A.P Level Up Framework

by Kenny Brown, Mindset Coach

The E.S.A.P Level Up Framework is an online-based self-care program designed to improve personal productivity and help teams and small businesses meet individual growth and team performance goals.  The Framework provides a method for developing reasonable expectations, logical structure, and increased accountability to help you accomplish current goals, meet self-growth initiatives, and align with your higher-purpose. The Framework can be used for improving time management; reducing stress; aligning mind, body, and spirit; meeting goals, and avoiding burnout.


The Level Up Course teaches ways to improve your Production Capacity, the ability to produce quality results on an ongoing basis, and ways to reduce emotional, mental, and physical stress caused by self-imposed subconscious expectations and the misplaced expectations of others.

The E+S+A=P Framework includes this workbook and online course that can be found and purchased at www.kennybspeaks.com. You can enroll in the course when you are ready or simply use this workbook to begin to understand the Framework and put it to use in your everyday life. Using the course along with the workbook may provide you with more resources to get the most out of this program.