Enhance Productivity & Avoid Distraction: 6 Tips to Regaining Focus

Enhance Productivity & Avoid Distraction: 6 Tips to Regaining Focus

Have you ever been in a situation where you had an urgent task but couldn’t deliver it on time despite putting in your best efforts? Or maybe, despite your hard work, you’ve felt that time was running out and you wouldn’t be able to meet your deadline? These situations are familiar to all of us and happen most often when we lose our ability to focus and concentrate. Since we live in a materialistic world, getting distracted by little things like smartphones and zoning out on social media has become normal. We don’t realize how much it negatively impacts our peace of mind and our ability to focus. A lack of focus takes you away from achieving your goals. That’s why being mentally strong and improving our ability to stay focused is essential for success. Even still, the question remains – How do I block out distractions and regain focus so I can be more productive? Below are six ways to help you regain focus and improve your overall productivity. 

But before we talk about the tips, let’s consider the things that cause the most distractions.

What Causes Poor Attention And Focus? 

Feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, or unproductive all at the same time, both at home and work, are common human experiences. A lot of the time, we all feel bemused, diverted, and distracted, which drains us and hinders us from fully applying ourselves. Insufficient sleep, lack of physical activity, poor eating habits, and a noisy environment can make you feel less motivated and negatively impact your overall health, both physically and mentally. Does this sound familiar? If so, here’s how to reverse it and return to a place of high mental and emotional fortitude for improved focus. Let’s go through them one by one.

6 Essential Tips To Becoming More Mentally Strong 

Eliminate distractions

You can never get rid of distractions completely but the good news is that you can make an effort to reduce them. Here’s how. 

  • Spend some time outside in the fresh air.
  • Listen to calming music. 
  • Turn off notifications on your devices. 
  • Remove yourself from environments that drain you. 
  • Declutter your workspace, car, office, or home.

Reduce Multitasking

We all tend to feel bombarded and inundated with so much information, responsibility, and tasks on a day-to-day basis. So much so that we’ve been conditioned to believe that doing more than one task at a time will make us more productive. In reality, multitasking leads to poor attention, less focus, and reduced concentration levels. By performing multiple tasks at a time, you open up the chance that you will get poor or average results. For example, listening to music, writing a report, cooking, and reading a book simultaneously. Which one truly gets your attention?  

Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

A famous saying goes, “Brilliant things happen in a calm mind; be quiet, you’re brilliant.” But how do you get to this level of calmness? Well, according to experts, it comes through practicing mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness is an excellent practice for improving mental clarity while maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and the surrounding environment. It is also one of the best ways to eliminate distractions and regain focus. If you’ve never practiced mindfulness or meditation on your own, here are a few steps you can use to begin practicing:

  • Sit in a calm and serene place 
  • Breathe deep and feel your lungs and belly expand  
  • Notice where your mind is wandering, and each time 
  • Be kind & bring your mind back on track

Additionally, here are a few tips to help you begin to practice mindfulness: 

  • Pause before speaking 
  • Listen to understand instead of listening to respond 
  • Focus your mind and senses on the feeling you would like to experience 
  • Develop a feeling of deep compassion for others
  • Incorporate mindful movements like walking, running, yoga, etc. to clear your mind
  • Be aware of your physical sensations. 

Get More Sleep

Many factors affect our sleep, most of which include computers, smartphones, and tablets. Research has shown that these devices emit light, which stimulates the eye retina and prevents the secretion of melatonin that promotes sleep anticipation in the brain. Undoubtedly, not getting adequate sleep will impact both short and long-term memory and your ability to concentrate. To obtain sufficient sleep, avoid caffeine intake, keep your bedroom calm & quiet, and dark. Stop sleeping with the TV on! 

Take Short Breaks

This tip might sound contradictory but trust me, it is a fantastic way to get your mind right. According to research, our brain tends to neglect sources of constant stimulation. So, I recommend that you take a break when you feel stuck, as taking small breaks can help you regain your focus on work. Let’s call it the 40 & 10 method. 40 minutes on, 10 minutes off. 


Yoga and exercise are some of the best ways to clear your mind and regain focus. Try starting your day with simple movements and exercises to remove tension and get your body moving. According to the Harvard Men’s Health Watch (May 2013 issue), regular exercise releases a chemical that is key for improved memory, concentration, focus, and mental sharpness. Other research has also found that exercise boosts the brain’s dopamine (happy hormone), norepinephrine, and serotonin levels, affecting your ability to focus and pay attention.

Regain Your Focus With Our Mindfulness Training Programs At VTU 

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