Beware of the man without VISION!

Beware of the man without VISION!

A man without VISION isn’t going anywhere. Be careful not to confuse his busyness with progress. A lot of men are just joggin in place trying to get noticed by the crowd! Yeah, they’re on the field. But instead of making plays they simply just stand around the pile taking credit for another mans glory- hoping that you’ll notice. Most of these men are on the bench staring in the crowd trying to make eye contact with a woman who is also wondering without Vision! She is easy prey. And she’ll be easily enamored by his attention. The both of them lack self-discipline, self-control, self-awareness, and are simply being led by ego and human desire, not spirit and a higher purpose! He has the looks, job, money, and appearance of success. He’ll entice her with nice bags and clothes and shoes and trips and parties and sex. His WORDS will seem to be Gold but he’ll never actually show her his treasure through his ACTIONS. Time will pass while they’re both in the “fun zone” and by the time she realizes that he’s leading her NOWHERE she’ll have a child, a damaged heart, bitterness and resentment, severed relationships, no job, no money, no home, no hope in love. Meanwhile he’ll have another subject. Another source to lead down that same path. A man with his eyes in the crowd is a distracted man. He is searching for the next best thing to validate his ego instead of to care for his spirit.

Ladies, try your best to avoid that man. Don’t let him lead you down a path full of distractions, confusion, and frustration on his journey to nowhere! What you’ll realize is the feelings he gave you is the feelings he himself lives in and probably doesn’t realize it. Trying to fix him isn’t love and leaving him does not make you disloyal or mean that you love him any less. He must find his own post, path, purpose, and direction! As you must also find yours. Instead of resenting that man, pray for him, and love him from a distance. But do not get STUCK hoping that he’ll change anytime soon.

After you’ve healed your wounds, picked up the broken pieces, and improved your life on your own- you’ll look back on the lessons of the “Fun zone” in gratitude. You’ll remember the experience within loving the next man that you meet. My advice to you is this: Don’t worry about what that man is driving, but instead find out what’s driving the man. And NEVER forget to make sure that he has a VISION for where he’s going before you attach yourself to him on his journey! A man without VISION isn’t going anywhere! ~ Kenny B Speaks #FreeGame #ChangeTheVibe 💯

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    Good read and advise. Thank you!

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