The Spiritual Awakening Process

The Spiritual Awakening Process


The spiritual awakening process is an enlightening but hard journey to wholeness. For those that walk its path the process is full of unknowns. It is full of raw truths, honest discussion, enlightening breakthroughs, and emotion after emotion after emotion. In this vein of thought the teacher, The Holy Spirit, isn’t giving you anything that you already have. Yet he isn’t telling you anything that you should be afraid of either. But somehow there are those that are just walking around trying to act like the teacher isn’t effective or like they know everything; which only prolongs the learning process. For those that truly want to embrace the journey, I commend you. I celebrate you and I would like to share a few things about The Spiritual Awakening Process that will be very handy for you as you prepare for the journey.

Part of the awakening process involves:
🎯 Unlearning How You Have Learned – along with unlearning the falsities that you believe in (like you need to be successful in making lots of money or be pretty or “lit”), you also have to unlearn all the faulty mechanisms for learning. The basic way that many of us are taught to learn is to simply swallow whole whatever the appointed teacher has to offer. Initially, challenging the teacher is considered insubordinate and improper. However, on the spiritual path, it’s not that you are going to fight all the things a spiritual teacher has to say, but you may want to weigh what the teacher has to say against your own inner knowing. Listen to his voice. Only you can ever know what is right for you.

🎯 Ditching Your Third Party Support Mechanism – Other people can be helpful mirrors to you to reflect back what you already know, but they can’t know your truth. Only God knows that. I may tell people a lot of stuff about what I see, but without their discernment, that’s just me speaking from my perspective. Trust the truth within the teachers words.

🎯 Going Into the Void, the Unknown – When you have to bet on yourself, you have to take full responsibility for yourself. You can’t abdicate that responsibility anymore if you are really walking the spiritual path and truly desire the breakthrough that the Teacher has for you.

🎯 Clearing Out the Ego and Beginning from the Bottom – True learning is about “how you’re trying to get there.” Obviously, the spiritual path isn’t about “trying to get anywhere,” but initially aspiration is important. Aspiring to be a more loving and peaceful person is a worthy thing, and it helps to generate the energy to overcome the inertia and momentum that has been driving you towards insanity and suffering. So initially, this aspiration is important as you turn to face yourself in the mirror.

The tips included above is not an all inclusive list. These are the essentials that you will need to unpack along your way. If you keep these in mind, keep an open heart & mind, and truly let the spirit lead you then I can promise you that “The journey will not be easy but it will definitely be worth it!” ~ Kenny B