Spiritual Resistance: 5 Oppositions to Faith Flow!

Spiritual Resistance: 5 Oppositions to Faith Flow!

Resistance is all around us! Spiritually, a person relies on the flow of energy and connection to a higher power to achieve whatever their spiritual practice considers to be the highest form of their person. In some ancient traditions that means enlightenment while in others it means being Christ-like. Either way, spiritual connection is important. The problem is ever-present resistance in our material world. Managing andremoving resistance is the true test of any person of faith.

Without proper management of our spirit flow, our soul loses connection and our mind runs wild. In some traditions the result is called sin, while in others it’s known simply as self-ego. Either way, mismanaged resistance causes actions that hurts ourselves and others; loss of clarity in our direction and purpose; and hate, oppression, and judgment to be our primary responses.

5 Oppositions to Faith Flow:
Noise: both created by us and controlled by others, is the number one resistor of spiritual connection. God is more often found in the silence than the noise! SILENCE, intentional rest, reflection, and meditation, is the breakthrough for noise.

Skepticism: Constant doubt in our mind about what we are doing and where we are going will rub away our unhindered connection to God. SURRENDER, giving ourselves to spiritual practice, leads to monumental breakthroughs in spiritual connection. 

Indifference: If we don’t care about our soul, we won’t care for our soul. At this point our soul becomes malnourished and weak. PURSUIT is a soul’s only breakthrough when indifference has taken control. Without intention the connection of spirit to Spirit will never take place.

Unforgiveness: A block in relationship to others blocks our relationship to God. The only breakthrough for this is HARMONY. A right relationship to the people and world around us releases our soul to worship God freely. 

Confusion: Believing in everything leads to belief in nothing. GROWTH, learning what you believe and acting on it will help you break through truth confusion.


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  1. Justin Moi says:

    Oh, how intimate iam to these oppositions? who can deliver me?

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