Change The Vibe

"If you can change your mind, you can change your life."
- Kenny Brown

Leadership and Personal Development Coaching Program

E.S.A.P stands for Expectations, Structure, Accountability, and Productivity. The E.S.A.P Personal Development Coaching Program (“The Program”) helps improve individual productivity, fulfillment, and focus by aligning spiritual beliefs and values with personal conduct and expectations. My program is also designed to assist teams and small businesses groups with meeting individual growth and team performance goals. The Program is divided into four parts and includes four one-hour online meetings, one one-on-one coaching sessions, and automatic access and membership to the Vibe Tribe Level Up Resource Center and the Vibe Tribe Community. My Program is proven to help reduce anxiety, improve time management skills, reduce stress, align mind, body, and spirit, and avoid emotional burnout.

Whether you struggle to maximize your efficiency or attain inner peace, our framework offers a method for developing reasonable expectations, logical structure, and enhanced accountability, which aids in achieving existing and future goals.


K E N N Y   |   B R O W N

I am a Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, Instructor, and Radio Show Host. I am the founder of Mission Road Faith (MRF), a for-profit organization specializing in Social and Emotional Learning, Financial Literacy, Mental and Emotional Health & Wellness, and Spiritual Alignment. Our mission is to provide assistance to people seeking inner-peace, emotional healing, improved financial literacy, higher self-awareness, and spiritual alignment by providing educational and developmental curriculum, service opportunities, and practical frameworks that can be used to facilitate internal growth and personal development. MRF provides a safe space for group & individual counseling, mentorship, and coaching for teenagers and adults of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

We execute our mission through Vibe Tribe University, an organization specializing in personal wellness and self-care. Vibe Tribe University provides members of the Vibe Tribe Community with access to practical frameworks, social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, personalized wellness plans, online and self-paced online courses, webinars, personalized coaching programs, and in-person group coaching sessions commonly referred to as “Vibe Sessions”.

Vibe Tribe University also offers discounts to live performances of the Change The Vibe Radio Show and other merchandise through Vibe Tribe Clothing Co. Our in-person courses, and coaching services focus on reducing the negative impact that anxiety, depression, and spiritual misalignment has on mental health in the african-american and surrounding communities.


E V E N T S  &  M E S S A G E S

2024 Summer Workshops for Teenagers ages 15-18 & adults are open for registration now. 

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Summer Workshop Series